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Frequently Asked Questions

Or just stuff we thought you'd like to know!


What's an RPG?

We have two definitions from the Urban Dictionary:

  1. Rocket-Propelled Grenade, you roleplaying geeks.
    If you're in a combat situation and someone yells "RPG!", you're not supposed to take out and roll your dice.
  2. Short for "Role-Playing Game"; a game in which the player takes on the persona of a fictional character and has adventures with other characters in a world created by the Game-master, a sort of referee. Can be played with other people ("Face-to-Face" or "table-top"; also called "Pen-and-Paper"), or over the Internet ("Play-by-E-mail" or "Play-by-Post" games; this category also includes games played on IRC or via a chat site). Not to be confused with computer RPGs, which are a different kettle of fish altogether.
    I've been playing RPGs for the past ten years.

So yeah.

Can I join your team?

In spirit, yes, of course!

Unfortunately, however, we aren't currently hiring or focusing on looking for new employees. We feel that our current company size is large enough for what we're doing right now. This doesn't mean we don't want to hear your feedback and ideas though; please send them our way!

How do you think of FAQs?

Well... we just think of some good questions, ask them aloud to ourselves a bunch of times, and BAM--we have another FAQ!

(What I'm pretty much trying to say is that it's always a million times better if we're sent questions, so if you have a question... send it to us! It might just become an esteemed "Frequently Asked Question"!).

Deck Quest

What's next after Deck Quest?

Deck Quest is a very expansion-friendly platform. Meaning, the next product we release will most likely be some sort of Deck Quest expansion.

In terms of other games entirely, we have a couple of concepts in mind, but we're mainly focused on Deck Quest for the time being.

Is there a template available for cards?

Why yes there is! You can find the templates right here! Fonts we use on our cards are Bebas Neue by Ryoichi Tsunekawa for the titles and Geosans Light (with a slight 0.5 black outline) by Manfred Klein for the body text. We also use Kenyan Coffee by Ray Larabie (The best fonts around) for our company logo. 

Cards are standard poker size, 2.5 x 3.5 with a .025 bleed.

If you use Illustrator, remember to unlock the layers!! 

If you have any design questions never hesitate to ask AJ at

Is Deck Quest available worldwide?

Yes, we can ship worldwide, though shipping prices vary depending on where you're ordering from.

Will Deck Quest come in multiple languages?
As for now, Deck Quest will just be available in English. 
That doesn't, however, mean that non-English editions of Deck Quest will never come out!
We just want to focus on our English release for now, but there is definitely a possibility for non-English versions in the future!
"Master" has no Role Points?

At GSG we often say that everything is intentional and there are no errors in Deck Quest. This is not one of those times. At some point during the printing, "Master" completely lost it's Role Point value. The original value was set at 16 Role Points, although in it's absence the GM can decide how many Role Points it is worth. Or maybe it's worth something more than Role Points? The player's soul? 10 bucks? Up to the GM!

What if I can not afford Deck Quest?


How long does domestic shipping take?

Domestic shipping takes between 1-3 business days depending on where you live. If you live locally in the northern Nevada area you can expect 1 day shipping. If you live in a major city or on the West coast you can expect 2 day shipping, and everywhere else has 3 day shipping. 

How long does international shipping take?

Largely depends on where you are located, but roughly 7-14 business days.

When will my purchase be processed?

Usually as long as your order is in before 11:00 a.m. PST it will be processed the same day. Otherwise it'll be processed the next day.

What if I don't get a tracking number?

Sometimes USPS' system has a glitch where it drops your tracking number. If you don't get a tracking number in 3 days you can always send us an email and we will gladly send it over!