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Deck Quest


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An easy-to-learn, open-ended, roleplaying card game! The rules are flexible, adventures unfold on the spot, and the possibilities are endless!

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Long ago, in a world of magic and fantasy, a powerful warrior consumed the blood of a dragon and became the feared Dragon Lord. In a faraway crypt, a mighty necromancer crossed the bridge of life and became the powerful Lich Lord, Grisma the Gruesome!

In a far-off dimension outside of reality, the machinations of madmen weave cryptic clues and impossible items in an attempt to roll the perfect number. Behind the veil, strings are being pulled by a powerful and enigmatic god-like being known as the Old One Zlanzrwss.

And what of you? Who will you be? And what will be your quest?

There are 4 key decks in Deck Quest:
An Adversary Deck full of powerful foes to fight!
A Location Deck full of exotic lands to explore!
An Item Deck full of powerful weapons, armors, potions and more!
And finally a Role Deck full of various classes and attributes to craft your very own character! (There’s also an optional auxiliary Skill Deck, too!)

Deck Quest can be played however you want, whether it be a classic D&D-esque campaign, a gauntlet beat ’em up, intense roleplay, or even a deck builder! It really is up to you!

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